Open Access

Evaluation of the undersea habitats - Tektite II, Hydro-Lab, and Edalhab - for scientific saturation diving programs

  • W. L. High1,
  • I. E. Ellis1,
  • W. W. Schroeder1 and
  • G. Loverich1
Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen24:BF01609497


1. The assessment of three undersea habitats — Tektite, Hydro-Lab and Edalhab — is based primarily upon the experience of the authors during a total of 62 man-days under saturation diving conditions while conducting biological research programs.

2. A number of desirable and undesirable features were found in each habitat system; none of the individual systems included all of the desirable features.

3. The paper discusses advantages and disadvantages of various features of the habitats including work and living areas, support equipment and techniques, operations and safety. The authors offer their experiences and suggestions to contribute to improvement of habitats and undersea diving operations.