Open Access

Diver-operated versus remote-controlled chambers used in underwater tracer experiments

  • E. J. Zillioux1
Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen24:BF01609504


1. Two chambers, one diver-operated and the other remote-controlled, were developed for in situ feeding experiments.

2. Both chambers have been used effectively in numerous experiments with vertically migrating copepods fed65Zn-labeled microzooplankton.

3. Laboratory results demonstrated no significant difference in recovered radioactivity due to differences in material or design of the two chambers.

4. Diver-operated chambers are initially much less expensive and are generally more adaptable to changes in experimental design.

5. Remote-operated chambers require less personnel and are necessary when determining effects of depth within the entire range common for vertically migrating zooplankton.