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Helgoland Marine Research

Open Access

Oyster farming in Japan

  • M. Fujiya1
Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen20:BF01609922


1. The present status of oyster farming in Japan is reviewed.

2. The biology of the oysterCrassostrea gigas, a main farming species in Japan, is briefly discussed, especially in regard to spawning.

3. The farming procedures are described with special reference to suitable farming conditions, spat collecting methods, techniques and facilities for fattening (growth), and seasonal activities.

4. The yield rate of Japanese hanging methods are discussed in comparison with methods and yields of other countries.

5. Some important future problems are discussed: the need to preserve growth fields against deterioration; the need to simplify the procedures to save labor; and the need to protect farming sites from pollutants.


JapanWaste WaterWater ManagementWater PollutionSpecial Reference