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Caloric content of larvae of the brine shrimpArtemia salina

  • Gustav-Adolf Paffenhöfer1
Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen196716:BF01620694

Published: 1 August 1967


1. Caloric contents ofArtemia salina nauplii and larvae have been determined by employing a combustion calorimetry. Freshly hatched nauplii contain on an average 5953 cal/g organic substance; the respective value for 7-day-old (2 mm long) larvae is 5854 cal/g.

2. The effect of starvation on the caloric contents was investigated. After a 72 hour starvation period, nauplii contain 5430 cal/g organic substance, 2 mm long larvae 5115 cal/g.

3. The ash contents (expressed as % of body dry weight) ofArtemia larvae increase as a function of the length of the starvation period.

4. After determining the weight of the nauplii, the caloric content of a single nauplius was calculated after different periods of starvation. It ranges from 0.00924 cal per freshly hatched nauplius to 0.00459 cal per nauplius starved for 96 hours.