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Helgoland Marine Research

Open Access

Effect of the surfactant Corexit 7664 on uptake of cadmium by organisms and biological matter in a closed circulated brackish-water system

  • H. von Westernhagen1 and
  • V. Dethlefsen2
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen198235:BF02289832

Published: 1 March 1982


Juvenile flounder and common mussel from the Baltic Sea were kept in Corexit 7664 (50 µg/l) and cadmium (5 µg/l)-contaminated, recirculated, sea-water systems for 200 days at 15 °C and 20 ‰ S. Accumulation of cadmium with exposure time was measured in several fish tissues and in mussel. There were no differences in the cadmium accumulation by tissues with or without the addition of Corexit 7664. No acute effects of the contaminants on the experimental animals could be noted. Final cadmium concentrations, reached for all biological matter analysed, were 4 times higher than in full-strength sea water.