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Helgoland Marine Research

Open Access

Ultrastructural observations of the larva ofTubiluchus corallicola (Priapulida)

  • R. P. Higgins1 and
  • V. Storch2
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen43:BF02365545


Larvae ofTubiluchus corallicola van der Land 1968 were investigated by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The scalids are sensory organs, each has a bipolar receptor cell with a single apical cilium similar to the scalid in the adult. Muscle cells of the larva are more differentiated than previously reported for other Priapulida; the larval arrangement of circular and longitudinal musculature differs from that of the adult, and a diaphragm is reported for the first time in Priapulida. The diaphragm may function in hydrostatic control of eversion and inversion of the introvert and mouth cone. The functional morphology of these two structures is discussed and contrasted with the Kinorhyncha.


MicroscopyElectron MicroscopyWaste WaterTransmission Electron MicroscopyMuscle Cell