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Helgoland Marine Research

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Zooplankton community respiration during the JGOFS pilot study

  • Peter Martens1
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen46:BF02366051


From March to July 1989 (JGOFS pilot study), measurements were carried out on the oxygen uptake of natural zooplankton communities on five drifting stations (about three weeks each) in the Atlantic from 18°N to 72°N after a method of Martens (1986). The weight specific respiration rate decreased from south to north parallel to the water temperature, whereas the amount of mesozooplankton increased. No significant differences in the oxygen uptake of the zooplankton community between the five stations could be found. A rough estimate showed that less than 2% of the phytoplankton carbon was assimilated by the mesozooplankton per day. This is thought to reflect a typical spring situation. The weight specific respiration rate is influenced significantly by the water temperature and the mean length of the zooplankter.


OxygenWaste WaterPhytoplanktonRespirationWater Temperature