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Helgoland Marine Research

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Some remarks on the taxonomy of Antarctic Leuconidae (Cumacea: Crustacea) with a description of a new speciesLeucon intermedius n. sp.

  • U. Mühlenhardt-Siegel1, 2
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen50:BF02367111


The newly described speciesLeucon intermedius n. sp. differs from other knownLeucon species by an inconspicuous antennal notch and the presence of only a few teeth at the dorsomedian crest. The species most similar toLeucon intermedius areL. septemdentatus andL. inexcavatus from the Antarctic/Subantarctic Ocean. A Table is given to allow direct comparison of the characteristics of allLeucon species known from the Antarctic/Subantarctic, Ocean. Forty-one specimens ofLeucon intermedius n. sp. were collected at depths ranging from 109 to 791 m in the vicinity of the Amery Depression (Indian Sector) and near King George Island (South Shetland Islands). Problems in distinguishing the Antarctic/Subantarctic species of the genusEudorella are discussed. The shape of the antennal notch is suggested as a better characteristic to distinguish theEudorella species than the proportions of the articles of extremities. On the basis of this criterion, samples at the Zoological Museum, Hamburg are made up of two species ofEudorella: gracilior and cf.fallax.


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