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Helgoland Marine Research

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Detritus derived from eelgrass and macroalgae as potential carbon source forMytilus edulis in Kiel Fjord, Germany: a preliminary carbon isotopic study

  • W. L. Wiedemeyer1 and
  • R. Schwamborn1
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen50:BF02367112


Stable carbon isotope ratios were measured for the muscle tissue of blue musselMytilus edulis, eelgrassZostera marina, macroalgaeFucus vesiculosus, and phytoplankton in two areas in Kiel Fjord, Germany. Carbon isotope evidence is presented to show the predominance of phytoplanktonic production as a carbon source forM. edulis tissue carbon. Via decomposition processes for both eelgrass and macroalgal primary production, each contributed 0.5–6.5% to mussel carbon.


PhytoplanktonCarbon SourceIsotope RatioDetritusCarbon Isotope