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Helgoland Marine Research

Open Access

Effects of salinity and cadmium interaction on reproduction and growth during three successive generations ofOphryotrocha labronica (polychaeta)

  • K. H. Røed1, 2
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen33:47


The long-term effects of different cadmium (0.2 and 0.4 ppm) and salinity levels (30, 25, and 20 ‰ S) on growth and egg-mass production ofOphryotrocha labronica (La Greca & Bacci) were investigated over three generations. Low salinity levels and the presence of cadmium resulted in reduced growth rates, prolonged times to reach sexual maturity, and reduced size at maturity. Three-way analysis of variance showed significant interaction effects of generation and cadmium for the different growth processes tested. Using response-surface methods, 0.2 ppm cadmium was shown to have a greater effect on growth rate at the third generation than the first and second generations at the three salinities tested. Increased effects were observed from first to second generation at 0.4 ppm cadmium and 30 and 25 ‰ S, whereas effects decreased from second to third generation. At 0.4 ppm cadmium and salinity of 20 ‰ the first generation was not able to produce viable larvae.