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Table 2 List of other new rDNA sequences with their DNA numbers, locality of sampling and EMBL/GenBank accession numbers. Samples 475, 476, 1244 and 3978 belong to the Forams DNA Collection in Geneva

From: Molecular identification of Ammonia and Elphidium species (Foraminifera, Rotaliida) from the Kiel Fjord (SW Baltic Sea) with rDNA sequences

Species DNA number Locality Sequence name
Haynesina germanica F323 Den Oever (NL) GQ853557 (SSU)
GQ853576 (LSU)
Elphidium sp. 1244 Mok Baai (NL) GQ853558 (SSU)
GQ853559 (SSU)
Elphidium sp. 3978 Dunstaffnage (UK) GQ853560 (SSU)
GQ853561 (SSU)
GQ853562 (SSU)
Ammonia sp. 475 Lizard Island (AUS) GQ853567 (SSU)
Ammonia sp. 476 Lizard Island (AUS) GQ853568 (SSU)
Ammonia aomoriensis F583 Den Oever (NL) GQ853569 (SSU)
Ammonia aomoriensis A23 Mok Baai (NL) GQ853577 (LSU)