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TableĀ 2 Gut content components of fishes collected on the sandy beach at Fukiagehama

From: Food habits of fishes on an exposed sandy beach at Fukiagehama, South-West Kyushu Island, Japan

Category Food item (codea)
Zooplankton Calanoid copepods (Cc), Ostracods (Os), Harpacticoid copepods (Hc), Unidentified copepods (Uc), Jellyfishes (Je), Mysid larvae (Ml)
Mysids Swimming mysids (Sm), Sand-bu rowing mysids (Bm)
Amphipods Gammaridean amphipods (Ga), Hyperiidean amphipods (Hy)
Isopods Isopods (Is)
Decapods Crabs (Cr), Shrimps (Sh), Callianassids (Ca)
Mollusks Gastropods (Gp), Bivalves (Bi)
Polychaetes Polychaetes (Po)
Fishes Fishes (Fi)
Insects Terrestrial insects (Ti)
Others (items regarded as separate units in the dietary overlap calculation) Eggs (Eg), Laganins (La), Cumaceans (Cu), Aquatic plants (Ap), Lepadomorphs (Le)
  1. aDescriptive codes used in Fig. 2