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Table 2 Comparison of the production/biomass ratio (P/B) in some species of polychaetous annelids

From: Reproduction, population dynamics and production of Nereis falsa (Nereididae: Polychaeta) on the rocky coast of El Kala National Park, Algeria

Family Species P/B Site Authors
Arenicolidae Arenicola marina 1.14 Grevelingen estuary, North Sea Wolff and Wolff (1977)
Nephthyidae Nephthys hombergii 1.9 Lynher estuary, English Channel Warwick and Price (1975)
Nereididae Nereis diversicolor 3.9–4.6 Bou Regreg, Morocco Gillet (1993)
  Nereis diversicolor 1.7–1.9 Oued Souss, Morocco Aït Alla et al. (2006)
  Nereis falsa 1.07 El Kala, Algeria Present work
  Perinereis cultrifera 2.3 El Jadida, Morocco Rouhi et al. (2008)
Owenidae Owenia fusiformis 0.89 English channel Ménard et al. (1989)
Spionidae Scolelepis squamata 2.0 Morocco Bayed et al. (2006)