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Table 5 Summary statistics for the artificial ecosystem model

From: An ecological model of the artificial ecosystem (northern Hangzhou Bay, China): analysis of ecosystem structure and fishing impacts

Attribute parameters Value Unit
Total consumption (CT) 5,191.52 t km−2 year−1
Total exports (TEX) 4,139.15 t km−2 year−1
Total respiratory flows (TR) 2,646.65 t km−2 year−1
Total flows into detritus (TDET) 7,345.42 t km−2 year−1
Total system throughput (T) 19,323.00 t km−2 year−1
Total production (TP) 8,294.00 t km−2 year−1
Calculated total net primary production (TPP) 6,785.80 t km−2 year−1
Total biomass (TB), excluding detritus 97.99 t km−2
Mean trophic level of the catch 1.52  
Calculated total net primary production/total respiration 2.56  
Net system production (NSP) 4,139.15 t km−2 year−1
Total primary production/total biomass 69.25  
Finn Cycling Index (FCI) 25.00  
Finn’s mean path length (FML) 2.174  
Ascendancy (A) 0.315  
System overhead (O) 0.69  
Connectance index (CI) 0.31  
System omnivory index (SOI) 0.35