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Table 1 Taxonomic characters of the Antarctic species of Laonice (Hartman 1953, 1978; Blake 1983; Radashevsky and Lana 2009)

From: A new species of Laonice (Spionidae, Polychaeta, Annelida) from Bellingshausen Sea (West Antarctica)

  L. antarcticae L. weddellia L. vieitezi n. sp.
Frontal horns Present Absent Absent
Occipital tentacle Long, digitiform Short, digitiform Short, triangular
Eyes Rudimentary or absent Distinct Rudimentary or absent
Maximum length of caruncle To chaetiger 12 To chaetigers 12–20 To chaetigers 16–19
Rows of capillaries in anterior podial lobes Up to two Up to five Up to five
Start of sabre chaetae Chaetigers 23–24 Chaetigers 11–13 Chaetigers 20–27
Start of neuropodial hooks Chaetigers 35–40 Chaetigers 20–21 Chaetigers 34–37
Start of neuropodial pouches Chaetigers 4–5 Chaetigers 8–11 Chaetigers 16–17