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Table 1 Genetic markers analyzed in the two Hypanis species

From: Molecular insights into the taxonomy of Hypanis (Bivalvia, Cardiidae, Lymnocardiinae) in the Black Sea lagoons

  COI 16S 18S
H. colorata 5/2/yes 24/2/yes 11/1/yes
Accession numbers HQ420301, HQ420303 HQ420295, HQ420298 HQ420299
H. angusticostata 4/2/yes 6/2/yes 3/1/yes
Accession numbers HQ420302, HQ420304 HQ420296, HQ420297 HQ420300
  1. Nseq number of analyzed sequences, Hap number of observed haplotypes, Shared presence/absence of the observed haplotypes in both species