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Table 1 Comparison of characters of Spongites yendoi from Espiríto Santo state (Brazil) and other regions of the world

From: New records of rhodolith-forming species (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) from deep water in Espírito Santo State, Brazil

  Brazila Mexico/Caribbeanb South Africac,d Australiae
Growth form Encrusting to warty Encrusting Encrusting to warty Encrusting to lumpy
Thallus construction Monomerous Monomerous Monomerous Monomerous/dímerous
Arrangement of trichocytes Not present Mostly solitary Solitary ND
Cell number in tetrasporangial conceptacle chamber roof 3–8 ND 4–7f 3–5
Tetrasporangial conceptacle chamber height 105–110 μm 80–150 μm 62–117 μma
109–185 μmb
109–185 μm
Tetrasporangial conceptacle chamber diameter 280–290 μm 180–295 μm 147–207 μma
164–232 μmb
164–232 μm
  1. ND no data
  2. aPresent study
  3. bMateo-Cid et al. (2007)
  4. cChamberlain (1993)
  5. dPenrose (1991)
  6. ePenrose (1996)
  7. fdata taken from Chamberlain (1993), figure 6