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Table 1 A comparison of estimates of mean density (ind m−2) for T. furcifera along the species’ geographic range of distribution

From: Population structure, growth and production of Thoracophelia furcifera (Polychaeta: Opheliidae) on a sandy beach in Southern Brazil

Site Location Mean density (ind m−2) Source
Barra del Chuy Beach (UY) 33°45′S and 53°27′W 567.00 Defeo et al. (1992)
Cassino Beach (BR) 32°11′S and 52°09′W 425.00 Gianuca (1987)
Cassino Beach-Querência (BR) 32°12′S and 52°11′W 65.61 Silva et al. (2008)
Cassino Beach-Altair (BR) 32°20′S and 52°17′W 72.79 Silva et al. (2008)
Atami Beach (BR) 25°20′S and 48°05′W 167.33 Souza and Borzone (2007)
Guaratuba Beach-1 (BR) 25°53′S and 48°34′W 6.00 Barros et al. (2001)
Guaratuba Beach-1 (BR) 25°53′S and 48°34′W 32.20 Barros et al. (2001)
Guaratuba Beach-3 (BR) 25°52′S and 48°34′W 2.30 Barroset al. (2001)
Monte Carlo Beach (BR) 25°49′S and 48°32′W 5.70 Barroset al. (2001)
Itaipu Beach (BR) 22°58′S and 43°02′W 0.80 Veloso et al. (2003a)
Foguete Beach (BR) 22°58′S and 42°01′W 12.80 Velosoet al. (2003a)
Peró Beach (BR) 22°55′S and 42°02′W 3.20 Veloso et al. (2003a)
Barra da Lagoa Beach (BR) 27°34′S and 48°25′W 1630.56 This study
  1. UY Uruguay, BR Brazil