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Table 2 A comparison of estimates of growth parameters, growth index phi prime (φ′), instantaneous mortality rate (Z), and life span for different T. furcifera populations

From: Population structure, growth and production of Thoracophelia furcifera (Polychaeta: Opheliidae) on a sandy beach in Southern Brazil

Site L ∞(Wd8L) (mm) K (year−1) C WP φ′ Z (year−1) Life span (years) Source
Atami Beach 2.32 0.763 1.0 0.10 0.61 3.2 1.8 Souza and Borzone (2007)
Barra da Lagoa Beach 3.60 0.630 0.3 0.93 0.91 3.8 2.6 This study