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Table 3 Comparison of estimates of annual secondary production, mean biomass, and turnover rate for different populations of the genus Thoracophelia

From: Population structure, growth and production of Thoracophelia furcifera (Polychaeta: Opheliidae) on a sandy beach in Southern Brazil

Species Site P (g m−2 year−1) B (g m−2) P/B Source
Thoracophelia mucronata Oregon Beach (US) 4.550 2.550 1.820 Kemp (1988)
Thoracophelia furcifera Atami Beach (BR) 0.466 0.218 2.130 Souza and Borzone (2007)
Thoracophelia furcifera Barra da Lagoa Beach (BR) 6.582 5.638 1.167 This study
  1. US United States, BR Brazil