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Table 1 Codes used in species characterization in relation to microhabitat preference, feeding guild and biogeographical distribution

From: Composition and structure of the molluscan assemblage associated with a Cymodocea nodosa bed in south-eastern Spain: seasonal and diel variation

Category Code Comments
Preferential substrate (microhabitat) DE Demersal that may bury
  EP Epibionts & ectoparasites
  HE Hard bottoms epifauna
  SB Partly buried in soft bottoms
  SE Soft bottoms epifauna
  SI Soft bottoms infauna
  VE Epifauna on vegetated substrates
Trophic group (feeding guild) AG Herbivores of macroalgae and epiphytes
  P Predators on mobile preys
  D Deposit feeders
  E Ectoparasites and carnivores on preys without mobility
  F Filter feeders
  MG Microalgae herbivores
  SC Scavengers
  SG Seagrass-feeding herbivores
  O Egg and spawn feeders
Biogeographical distribution AF Western Africa
  CN Canary Islands
  IM Ibero-Moroccan gulf
  ME Mediterranean Sea (those species that occur only in the Alboran Sea are excluded from this sector)
  NE Northern Europe
  WE Western Europe