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Table 5 A synthesis of CCC obtained in Mediterranean and Oceanic seawater samples

From: Vertical distribution of the prokaryotic cell size in the Mediterranean Sea

References CCC Areas
Lee and Fuhrman (1987) 20 fg C cell−1 NW-Atlantic
Ducklow and Carlson (1992) 20 fg C cell−1 Oceans
Christian and Karl (1994) 10–15 fg C cell−1 Pacific (Aloha Station)
Caron et al. (1995) 10–15 fg C cell−1 Sargasso Sea
Fukuda et al. (1998) 12–30 fg C cell−1 Coastal Southern and Pacific Oceans
Gundersen et al. (2002) 4–9 fg C cell−1 N-Atlantic
La Ferla et al. (2004) 19 fg C cell−1 Ionian Sea
La Ferla and Leonardi (2005) 6–42 fg C cell−1 North Adriatic
La Ferla et al. (2010) 14–22 fg C cell−1 South Tyrrhenian
Williams and Carlucci (1976) 10 fg C cell−1 North-Central Pacific Ocean
Becquevort et al. (1998) 15–80 fg C cell−1 North Sea
Børsheim et al. (1990) 300 fg C µm−3 Roskilde Fjord (Norway)
Bjornsen and Kuparinen (1991) 390 fg C µm−3 Scotia Sea