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Table 4 Minimum size (CL, TL, in mm) at ST4 and size at first maturity based on the presence of advanced (vitellogenic and mature) or mature ovarian stages (CL50ov, TL50ov in mm) of female Melicertus kerathurus in Thermaikos Gulf and other geographical areas

From: Reproductive biology of the prawn Melicertus kerathurus (Decapoda: Penaeidae) in Thermaikos Gulf (N. Aegean Sea)

Minimum size at ST4 Size at first maturity Author (geographical area)
CL TL CL50ov TL50ov
  115.00    Abdel Razek (1985) (Southeastern Mediterranean Sea)
  110.00    Abdel Razek (1992) (lake Quarun)
   29.58–30.13d 120–122a Rodríguez (1985) (Gulf of Cádiz, Atlantic Ocean)
   30.00a   Silva et al. (2003) (Gulf of Cádiz, Atlantic Ocean)
32.20 130.50 45.56 175.18 Lumare et al. (2011) (South Adriatic Sea)
27.50 117.00 30.30c 126.00 Ben Meriem (1993) (Gulf of Gabès, Mediterranean Sea)
39.00 141.00 46.00b 165.00 Türkmen and Yilmazyerli (2006) (Smyrni Bay, Central Aegean Sea)
31.00 123.00 48.00b 178.00 Türkmen et al. (2007) (Gulluk Bay, Southeastern Aegean Sea)
30.00 114.00 45.23a 156.20 Conides et al. (2008) (Αmvrakikos Gulf, Ionian Sea)
32.24 129.00 40.70b 160.04 Present study (Thermaikos Gulf, North Aegean Sea)
  1. aEstimated on the presence of ST4
  2. bEstimated on the presence of ST3 and ST4
  3. cReferred generally in mature ovarian stages
  4. dEstimated from the relationship logCL = loga + blogTL (Rodríguez 1987)