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Table 5 Spawning period (and peaks) of Melicertus kerathurus in Thermaikos Gulf and other geographical areas

From: Reproductive biology of the prawn Melicertus kerathurus (Decapoda: Penaeidae) in Thermaikos Gulf (N. Aegean Sea)

Geographical area Spawning period (peaks) Author
Τunisia (Mediterranean Sea) Early May to mid November (June–September) Heldt (1938)
Gulf of Tunis (Mediterranean Sea) June–July to October–November Ben Mustafa (1967)
Gulf of Gabès (Mediterranean Sea) June–July to early October Ben Meriem (1993)
Gulf of Cádiz (Atlantic Ocean) May–September Rodríguez (1985)
South Adriatic Sea Late May to mid August (June, July) Lumare et al. (2011)
Southeastern Mediterranean Sea April–October (May, August, September) Abdel Razek (1985)
Smyrni Bay (Central Aegean Sea) April–September (May–July) Türkmen and Yilmazyerli (2006)
Gulluk Bay (Southeastern Aegean Sea) May–October (May–July) Türkmen et al. (2007)
Αmvrakikos Gulf (Ionian Sea) May–August (May, August) Klaoudatos et al. (1992)
Αmvrakikos Gulf (Ionian Sea) Late April to late September (August) Conides et al. (2008)
Thermaikos Gulf (North Aegean Sea) Late April to mid-October (June, July) Present study