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Table 4 Comparison of the coverage of intertidal mudflats, mixed sediments, sandflats and seagrass beds of the entire intertidal (area in %) between different areas of the Wadden Sea

From: Spatial variability in structural and functional aspects of macrofauna communities and their environmental parameters in the Jade Bay (Wadden Sea Lower Saxony, southern North Sea)

Area (in %) Jade Bay (Meyer and Ragutzki 1999; Adolph 2010) Balgzand (Beukema 1974) Königshafen (Reise et al.1994)
Mudflats 43.4 20 9.0
Mixed sediments 16.6 50  
Sandflats 30.9 30 75.9
Seagrass beds 8.1 0 12.4