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Table 1 Two-way ANOVA to test the effects of temporal (F1), spatial (F2 for the open ocean) and diel (F2 for the inlet) factors and their interaction on the abundance of larvae of G. grapsus sampled at night in both the open ocean and inlet, showing F values

From: Distribution of decapod larvae in the surface layer of an isolated equatorial oceanic archipelago: the cases of benthic Grapsus grapsus (Brachyura: Grapsidae) and pelagic Sergestes edwardsi (Dendrobranchiata: Sergestidae)

Degrees of freedom Temporal
F1 × F2
Error degrees of freedom
G. grapsus—open ocean (only night) 3.1* 9.9** 1.5ns 32
G. grapsus—inlet 2.8* 163.8** 1.3ns 28
  1. For spatial variation, we assessed D1 and ≥D3. D2 was not considered since the number of replicates was not equivalent to the remaining distances, and D4 was included in the category ≥D3
  2. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, ns nonsignificant