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Table 4 One-way analysis (ANOSIM) between harpacticoid copepod communities in the sediment cores (8.80 cm²) per season based on non-transformed abundance data

From: Meiofauna as food source for small-sized demersal fish in the southern North Sea

Groups/test R statistic Significance level
Sediment cores
 Global test
 All seasons (Jan, May, Jul, Oct) 0.35 0.001
Pairwise test
 Jan, May 0.24 0.005
 Jan, Jul 0.28 0.001
 Jan, Oct 0.43 0.002
 May, Jul 0.57 0.001
 May, Oct 0.30 0.001
 Jul, Oct 0.58 0.001
  1. Bold values are significant