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Table 2 Comparison of distribution, habitat and selected internal and external characters of diagnostic value within the genus Protoglossus (compiled from Burdon-Jones 1956; Giray and King 1996; Deland et al. 2010)

From: Biology and distribution of hemichordates (Enteropneusta) with emphasis on Harrimaniidae and description of Protoglossus bocki sp. nov. from Scandinavia

  Protoglossus bocki n.sp. Protoglossus koehleri (Caullery and Mesnil, 1900) Protoglossus graveolens Giray and King, 1996 Protoglossus mackei Deland et al. 2010
Distribution Boreal (Skagerak, Norwegian Sea) Lusitanian (French Atlantic coast, Irish Sea) NW Atlantic, Maine, USA Pacific; Moss Beach, San Mateo, California,
Depth Sublittoral, 30–150 m Intertidal Intertidal Probably intertidal
Bottom type Clay Sand, gravel Mudflat Probably sand
Max body length (mm) c. 15 75 470 25
# of gill pores 9–17 14–50 >100  
Proboscis colouration Uniformly light pink to golden yellow Yellow with dark green spots Cream-white White
Proboscis stalk colouration Light, whitish Dark green or dark brown   
Collar colouration White with transversal yellow bands Yellow with dark green spots Cream-white to orange-brown Yellow
Trunk colouration Uniformly light golden yellow Pigmentation of different colours Branchial region translucent yellow to light yellow-brown; hepatic region brown; intestinal region pale yellow, fades posteriorly White
Dorsal mesenterium above the pericardium Absent Well developed Large and well developed Lower half large and well developed, upper half tapering