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Table 7 Summary of nature and location of sensory spots, glandular cell outlets, tubules and spines arranged by series in M. glaber sp. nov. from the West Sea

From: Occurrence of the newly described kinorhynch genus Meristoderes (Cyclorhagida: Echinoderidae) in Korea, with the description of four new species

Position segment MD PD SD LD ML SL LA LV VL VM
1 gco1   ss ss     gco1 ss  
2 ss   tu   ss     tu ss
3    ss    ss     
4 ac          
5         tu   ss
6 ac ss     ss     ss
7   ss      ac    
8 ac     gco1 gco2   ac   
9   ss     gco1, si   ac ss  
10    ss tu      ss  
11        ltas (f) lts   
  1. LA lateral accessory, LD laterodorsal, LV lateroventral, MD middorsal, ML midlateral, PD paradorsal, SD subdorsal, SL sublateral, VL ventrolateral, VM ventromedial, ac acicular spine, f female condition of sexual dimorphic character, gco1/2 glandular cell outlet type I or II, ltas lateral terminal accessory spine, lts lateral terminal spine, si sieve plate, ss sensory spot, tu tubule