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Table 8 Summary of nature and location of sensory spots, glandular cell outlets, tubules and spines arranged by series in Meristoderes sp. from station MAP-32 in the East Sea

From: Occurrence of the newly described kinorhynch genus Meristoderes (Cyclorhagida: Echinoderidae) in Korea, with the description of four new species

Position segment MD SD LD ML LA LV VL VM
1 gco1 ss ss      ss
2    tu ss    tu ss
4 ac        
5       tu   ss
6 ac      ac   ss
7       ac   
8 ac   tu   tu ac   
9       ac   
10    tu     ss  
11      ltas lts   
  1. LA lateral accessory, LD laterodorsal, LV lateroventral, MD middorsal, ML midlateral, SD subdorsal, VL ventrolateral, VM ventromedial, ac acicular spine, gco1 glandular cell outlet type I, ltas lateral terminal accessory spine, lts lateral terminal spine, ss sensory spot, tu tubule