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Table 1 List of species sequenced, including populations codes, sampling localities with respective geographical coordinates and substrata where they were taken

From: Long-distance dispersal, low connectivity and molecular evidence of a new cryptic species in the obligate rafter Caprella andreae Mayer, 1890 (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Caprellidae)

Species Code Locality Coordinates Substrates Accession nos. for COI, 18S
C. andreae CAMOR El Morche (Málaga) Spain 36°44′15″N, 3°59′38″W Drifting rope JX988565–JX988579, JX988596–JX988598
CAAZO São Miguel (Azores), Portugal 37°48′28″N, 23°33′80″W Drifting stick JX988539–JX988552, JX988590–JX988592
CACOL Columbretes (Castellón), Spain 39°51′19.2″N, 0°40′04.2″E Drifting material JX988557–JX988558
CAALB Alboran Sea, Spain 35°56′26.35″N, 3°1′23.91″W Caretta caretta (turtle) JX988531–JX988538
CAFUE Fuengirola (Málaga), Spain 36°33′14.37″N, 4°29′21.39″W Caretta caretta (turtle) JX988559–JX988564
CATUR Seferihisar (Izmir), Turkey 38°11′32″N, 26°38′07″E Caretta caretta (turtle) JX988580–JX988582
CACHA Charleston (Florida), USA 28°23′14.6″N, 80°32′38.8″W Caretta caretta (turtle) JX988553–JX988556, JX988593–JX988595
C. penantis CPTAR Tarifa Island (Cádiz), Spain 36°00′00.7″N, 5°36′37.5″W Intertidal alga Asparagopsis armata JX988583, JX988599
CPEST Estepona (Málaga), Spain 36°25′28.79″N, 5°8′41.51″W Intertidal alga Corallina elongata JX988584, JX988600
CPCAST Castelejo, Portugal 37°06′9.3″N, 8°56′46.7″W Intertidal alga Gelidium sp. JX988585, JX988601
CPALM Punta Almina (Ceuta), Spain 35°54′2.52″N, 5°16′29.68″W Intertidal alga Gelidium sesquipedale JX988586
C. dilatata CDALI Guardamar (Alicante), Spain 38°05′1.10″N, 0°38′1.59″W Fish farm JX988587, JX988602
CDALG Algeciras Bay (Cádiz), Spain 36°10′0.5″N, 5°24′36.82″W On buoys (algae and bryozoans) JX988588
CDPOR El Portil (Huelva), Spain 37°12′43″N, 7°4′26.80″W On buoys (algae and bryozoans) JX988589, JX988603
  1. The last column depicts GenBank accession numbers