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Table 2 Graneledone macrotyla oocyte and egg characteristics

From: On gonadic maturation and reproductive strategy in deep-sea benthic octopus Graneledone macrotyla

Type of oocytes/eggs S1 S2 S3 S4 S5
Length (mm) 1.0–3.0 3.1–9.0 18.8–25.5 12.8–17.2 18.8–20.5
Width (mm) 5.4–1.0 11.7–9.5 4.3–3.0 12.2–11.4
OW ± SD (mg) 733.86 ± 71.84 (n:7) 355.67 ± 120.5 (n:7) 1,399 ± 139.31 (n:7)
Outer case Rigid, opaque Rigid, opaque Rigid, translucent Rigid, translucent Hard, opaque
Longitudinal striae No No Yes Yes No. Smooth surface
Attached in bunch Yes Yes Yes Yes No. Free within ovary
Distal micropyle Yes, narrow Yes, narrow Yes, narrow Outer case widely open No
Peduncle Long Long Long, 17–19 mm Long Short, 4–5 mm
Fertilized No No No No Yes
Observations Swollen AO Swollen Swollen Flabby, empty AO Hen’s egg shape. Color: beige
  1. OW oocyte weight in mg, AO atretic oocytes