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Table 1 List of C. simula used in this work, including the sample locality, number of specimens analysed (N) and GenBank accession numbers

From: DNA barcoding reveals a cryptic nemertean invasion in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters

Labcodea Locality N GenBank accession number Reference
IBE-A1, IBE-A2 San Vicente do Mar, O Grove, Galicia, Spain. 42º 27′N, 8º 55′Ob 2 JX453463
Present work
Vlon005* Las Represas beach, Tapia de Casariego, Asturias, Spain. 43º 34′N, 6º 56′Ob 1 Present work
Vlon001* Los Chalanos beach, Muros de Nalón, Asturias, Spain. 43º 23′N, 6º 06′Ob 1 Present work
Aramar beach, Luanco, Asturias, Spain. 43º 36′N, 5º 46′Ob 3 JX453465
Present work
IBE-A5 to IBE-A7 Islares beach, Castro-Urdiales, Cantabria, Spain. 43º 24′N, 3º 17′Ob 3 JX453467
Present work
IBE-M1, IBE-M2 Colera harbor, Cap de Creus, Cataluña, Spain. 42º 24′ N, 3º 09′ Ec 2 JX453470
Present work
IBE-M3 to IBE-M25 L′illot del Faradell, Cap de Creus, Cataluña, Spain. 42º 20′16” N, 3º 16′49” Ec 23 JX453472
Present work
JAP-F30 Fukue, Japan 1 GU726622 Chen et al. (2010)
KOR2 Jeju Island, Korea 1 GU726646 Chen et al. (2010)
JAP-O Oshoro, Japan 1 GU726619 Chen et al. (2010)
JAP-SH Shimoda, Japan 1 GU726620 Chen et al. (2010)
JAP-SE3, JAP-SE6  Seto, Japan 2 GU726661,
Chen et al. (2010)
ITA Trieste, Italy 1 GU733830 Chen et al. (2010)
CHI-C Changdao, Shandong, China 1 GU726615 Chen et al. (2010)
USA-CA1 San Diego, California, USA 1 GU726639 Chen et al. (2010)
  1. All of the Chen et al.’s (2010) specimens correspond to their so-called network 11
  2. * Indicates specimens that were studied only for morphological characterisation
  3. aNomenclature adopted from Chen et al. (2010)
  4. bAtlantic Ocean
  5. cMediterranean Sea