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Table 3 Comparison of characteristics of A. succinea and H. diversicolor in the southern Caspian Sea

From: Does the introduced polychaete Alitta succinea establish in the Caspian Sea?

Characteristics Alitta succinea Hediste diversicolor
Maximal length (mm) 36 91
Mean length ± SD (mm) 12.2 ± 20.3 49.4 ± 34.4
Maximal width at chaetiger 10 (mm) 3.8 6.1
Mean width ± SD at chaetiger 10 (mm) 1.7 ± 2.5 4.9 ± 3.3
Maximal no. chaetigers 76 82
Extension of tentacular cirri To chaetigers 3–8 (rarely 15) To chaetigers 2–4
No. paragnaths on pharynx region 5 0–6 (usually 2) Absent
No. paragnaths on pharynx region 6 A big one surrounded by 6–7 smaller ones 3–9
Dorsal cirrus Longer than ligules, inserted distally Much shorter than ligules
Dorsal notopodial ligules of posterior parapodia Markedly enlarged and elongated Not markedly enlarged
Fused falcigers Absent Present
Esophagus Usually everted to ring 1 Not inverted at all
Color Whitish to yellowish and brownish Whitish to yellowish and greenish
Substrate/sediment type All sediment types, epi- and infaunal Soft sediments, infaunal
Epitokous stage Present Absent