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Table 2 Samples included for phylogenetic analyses in the present study

From: Larval stages of the deep-sea lobster Polycheles typhlops (Decapoda, Polychelida) identified by DNA analysis: morphology, systematic, distribution and ecology

Species Voucher GenBank acc Locality
Polycheles typhlops JSDUKdeep 58 JQ305984.1 57.30°N 9.00°W (Scotland, SW St Kilda)
Polycheles typhlops JSDPX15-15 JQ306172.1 37.36°N 9.17°W (Portugal)
Polycheles typhlops M11L031-1 KJ825708 Western Mediterranean
Polycheles typhlops M11L031-2 KJ825709 Western Mediterranean
Polycheles typhlops Eryoneicus_Majorca KJ825710 Western Mediterranean
Polycheles enthrix MNHN:IU200814828 HQ241553.1 France, Nouvelle-Calédonie (South)
Stereomastis nana JSDUKdeep 41 JQ305991.1 58.29°N 9.00°W (Scotland, SW St Kilda)
Stereomastis nana JSDUKdeep 43 JQ305992.1 58.29°N 9.00°W (Scotland, SW St Kilda)
Stereomastis sculpta AI-101 KJ825706 Western Mediterranean
Stereomastis sculpta AI-102 KJ825707 Western Mediterranean
Stereomastis sculpta PSCU-2 EU377741.1 Sardinia, Italy
Sagmariasus verreauxii KC3212 FJ174952.1 Australia