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Table 4 Species occurring in every 100-m depth interval of the Avilés Canyon System and the nearby continental shelf (55–2,291 m)

From: Scleractinia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) from INDEMARES 2010–2012 expeditions to the Avilés Canyon System (Bay of Biscay, Spain, northeast Atlantic)

  1. Data from Álvarez Claudio (1993, 1994), Altuna (2013), and the present study. Depth records were compiled for every species, and the bathymetric range given as the interval between shallowest and deepest records. Distinctiveness between intervals was calculated according to Menzies et al. (1973): D % = (T–Tc)100/T (Tc total taxa in common between any two intervals, T total of species in both intervals, D percentage of distinctiveness). * According to Reveillaud et al. (2008), percentage = number of intervals in which the species occurs expressed as % of the 23 intervals considered in the analysis. Only specimens collected alive have been taken in consideration