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Table 4 Comparisons between some parameters of Lithophaga lithophaga from the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Seas

From: Relative growth and reproductive cycle of the date mussel Lithophaga lithophaga (Linnaeus, 1758) sampled from the Bizerte Bay (Northern Tunisia)

  Bay of Bizerte (Northern Tunisia) Area of Split (middle Adriatic)
Total wet weight (with intervalvular water) Negative allometry Isometric growth
Sex ratio 1.13:1 1.3:1
Reproductive period Resting stage From December to March (T between 11.5 and 16.8 °C) During the cold season, from December to early April (T < 14 °C)
Proliferation of the gonad and differentiation of the gametes In early April and May (T between 18.2 and 20 °C) In April, May and June (T between 14 and 20 °C)
Advanced gametogenesis From June to July (T > 26 °C) From June to beginning of July (T > 20 °C)
Maturation and spawning Late July, end of August and early September (T between 25.1 and 35 °C) Early July, August and late September (T between 22 and 27 °C)
Spent stage November (T < 20 °C) November (T < 20 °C)