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Table 2 Comparison of some characters of Zoea I from families Processidae and Hippolytidae

From: First zoeal stage of Processidae (Decapoda, Caridea): review and new descriptions of Ambidexter symmetricus Manning and Chace 1971 and Processa fimbriata Manning and Chace 1971

Characters Processidae Hippolytidae
Number of recognized species 68 318
Number of species with first zoeal stage known 15 66a
Dorsal tubercles on carapace Absent or 1 Absent, 1 or 2
Distance between bases of antennules in relation to width of each antennuleb Longer Shorter
Plumose setae on antennal scale 11 or 12 9–14
Plumose setae on scaphognathite 5 3–35
Abdominal segments with dorsolateral spines 4 and 5, or only 5 Absent, 4 and 5, or only 5
Pereiopod buds 1 or 2 Absent or 1–5
Pairs of setae on telson 7 7–10
Abbreviated development Not reported Present
  1. Data for latter family from Terossi et al. (2010), a until 2010; b according to Ortega et al. (2005). Number of recognized species according to De Grave and Fransen (2011)