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Table 1 Specific information on the specimens reported in the current study

From: First record of cysts in the tidal tardigrade Echiniscoides sigismundi

Specimen Sampling (month and year) Experimental treatment Cuticle layers Buccopharyngeal apparatus Remarks
L1 March 2013 Hypotonic 3 Aberrant Least developed
L2 September 2012 Hypertonic 3 Normal  
L3 September 2013 No treatment 3 Normal  
L4 November 2013 Hypotonic/desiccation 3 Normal  
R2 July 2012 Hypertonic 3 Normal  
R1 July 2012 Hypotonic 4 Aberranta Most developed
  1. Tardigrades were sampled at Lynæs (Denmark) and Roscoff (France) and are accordingly designated with an “L” or “R”. The status of the buccopharyngeal apparatus and cuticle layers refer to the latest stage of encystment observed for the given specimen. The number of cuticle layers includes the animal cuticle
  2. aSclerified parts discharged into second cuticle