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Table 1 Seasonal and non-seasonal von Bertalanffy growth parameters estimated from length–frequency distribution analysis of R. philippinarum

From: Some population parameters of Ruditapes philippinarum (Bivalvia, Veneridae) on the southern coast of the Marmara Sea, Turkey

Parameters Seasonal Non-seasonal
L (mm) 67.511 67.143
K (year−1) 0.334 0.330
t 0 (year) −0.91 −0.99
WP 0.02
t s −0.48
C 0.53
Ø 3.182 3.173
A 95 8.06 8.09
Rn 0.292 0.253
  1. L The asymptotic total length (mm), K the growth curvature parameter (year−1), t 0 the theoretical age at which the length is zero (year), t s is the phase of the seasonal oscillations, C the relative amplitude of the seasonal oscillations, Ø′ the growth performance index, WP winter point, A 95 the maximum lifespan, Rn goodness of fit index