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Table 1 Sampling data and site properties

From: The application of DNA sequence data for the identification of benthic nematodes from the North Sea

  Site 1 Site 2 Site 3
Date of sampling 16.04.2012 02.05.2012 03.05.2012
Longitude and latitude N 53°30′28.58″, E 8°7′10.69″ N 53°29′47.85″, E 8°11′14.81″ N 53°49′13.86″, E 7°54′53.45″
Locality Wilhelmshaven Jade Bay Wangerooge, “Außenjade”
Zonation Intertidal Sublittoral Sublittoral
Tide Periodical ebb and flow Permanently flooded Permanently flooded
Currents Low physical disturbance, very weak currents Strong currents of both ebb and flow Strong currents of both ebb and flow
Sediment properties 60 % medium sand, 40 % mud 50 % medium sand, no mud, no gravel 50 % fine and medium sand
  1. Sediment properties were determined by the project “AufMod” (Adam Kubicki, pers. communication, unpublished)