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Table 2 Identified nematode species based on a combination of morphological (morphospecies) and molecular data (MOTU) to species level, with corresponding accession numbers of the 28S rDNA: D2–D3 fragment

From: The application of DNA sequence data for the identification of benthic nematodes from the North Sea

Morphospecies Identified species MOTU Accession number
Sabatieria sp. 3 Sabatieria celtica Southern, 1914 MOTU 8 KC755203
Setosabatieria sp. 1 Setosabatieria hilarula de Man, 1922 MOTU 10 KC755205
Metachromadora sp. 2 Chromadoropsis vivipara de Man, 1907 MOTU 26 KC755217
Spirinia sp. Spirinia parasitifera Bastian, 1865 MOTU 25 KC755216
Mesacanthion sp. 1 Mesacanthion diplechma Southern, 1914 MOTU 31 KC755226
Sphaerolaimus sp. 1 Sphaerolaimus hirsutus Bastian, 1865 MOTU 15 KC755210
Viscosia sp. 1 Viscosia elegans Filipjev, 1922 MOTU 28 KC755223
Calyptronema sp. 1 Calyptronema maxweberi de Man, 1922 MOTU 29 KC755224
Axonolaimus sp. 1 Axonolaimus paraspinosus Schuurmans, Stekhoven & Adam, 1931 MOTU 12 KC755209
Ascolaimus sp. 1 Ascolaimus elongatus Bütschli, 1874 MOTU 13 KC755207
Neochromadora sp. 1 Neochromadora aff. poecilosoma de Man, 1893 MOTU 21 KC755218
Atrochromadora sp. 1 Atrochromadora aff. microlaima de Man, 1889 MOTU 24 KC755221