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Table 1 List of species used in our molecular analyses, with corresponding sequences, and their GenBank accession numbers

From: On the phylogenetic position of Pseudophilomedinae within Sarsielloidea (Ostracoda, Myodocopida), with a description of one new Harbansus from Ningaloo Reef and redescription of H. paucichelatus from Yucatan

Species Locality GenBank Accession Numbers References
18S 28S ddff 28S eemm 28S vvxx COI
Euphilomedes cacharodonta Unknown L81941.1 Spears and Abele (1997)
Euphilomedes sordida 1 Unknown AF363299.1 AF363315.1 AF363330.1 AF363349.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Euphilomedes sordida 2 Central Japan (33°42′2″N 135°15′30″E) AB076656.1 Yamaguchi and Endo (2003)
Euphilomedes sp. 1 Japan AF363302.1 AF363314.1 AF363335.1 AF363345.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Euphilomedes sp. 2 South Korea (38°10′10″N, 128°36′29″E) KM875567 KM875572 KM875574 KM875576 Present paper
Eusarsiella sp. Belize AF363305.1 AF363312.1 AF363338.1 AF363343.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Harbansus paucichelatus unknown AF363303.1 AF363311.1 AF363329.1 AF363356.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Harbansus paucichelatus M1 Yucatan (21°17′66″N, 89°36′34″W) KM875570 KM875573 KM875575 KM875577 KM875580 Present paper
Harbansus paucichelatus M2 Yucatan (21°17′66″N, 89°36′34″W) KM875571 KM875581 Present paper
Harbansus paucichelatus F1 Yucatan (21°17′66″N, 89°36′34″W) KM875568 KM875578 Present paper
Harbansus paucichelatus F2 Yucatan (21°17′66″N, 89°36′34″W) KM875569 KM875579 Present paper
Metavargula japonica unknown AF363300.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Philomedes sp. East China Sea DQ531747.1 unpublished (Yu and Chen)
Rutiderma apex unknown AF363308.1 AF363313.1 AF363336.1 AF363360.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Sarsiella misakiensis Central Japan (33°42′12″N 135°17′54″E) AB076655.1 Yamaguchi and Endo (2003)
Vargula hilgendorfii unknown AF363301.1 AF363317.1 AF363332.1 AF363357.1 Oakley and Cunningham (2002)
Vargula tsujii unknown HM009310.1 unpublished (Pasha et al.)
  1. M male, F female