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Table 1 Growth parameters estimated by NORMSEP plus nonlinear least squares fit of the von Bertalanffy function, and by ELEFAN routine

From: Growth, mortality, and reproduction of Tagelus plebeius (Bivalvia: Solecurtidae) in Southeast Brazil

Parameter Mean (±SD) P Parameter  
L (mm) 74.14 (4.01) <0.001 L (mm) 74.6
K (year−1) 0.52 (0.05) <0.001 K (year−1) 0.4
C 0.47 (0.15) 0.003 C 0.4
WP 0.94 (0.09) <0.001 WP 0.8
r 0.99   Rn 0.298
ϕ 3.46 ϕ 3.35
t max (year) 2.58 t max (year) 3.28
Z (year) 2.16 Z (year) 1.85
Δ Z/K 0.29 Δ Z/K 0.34
Smallest (mm) 4.98   
Largest (mm) 65.14
  1. L asymptotic length, K curvature parameter, C constant for the amplitude of seasonal oscillation of growth, WP point of lowest growth rate in the year, r correlation coefficient, ϕ′ standard growth index (Pauly and Munro 1984), t max life span, Z mortality rate, Δ Z/K predation pressure, SD standard deviation