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Table 3 Environmental cues related with oviposition in Neogastropoda species inhabiting the southwestern Atlantic Ocean

From: Comparative study of the female gametogenic cycle in three populations of Buccinanops globulosus (Caenogastropoda: Nassariidae) from Patagonia

Environmental cues Species Family Location Habitat Source
Temperature rising Zidona dufresnei Volutidae 38°20′S; 57°37′W Subtidal Giménez and Penchaszadeh (2002)
Adelomelon brasiliana  Volutidae 38°20′S; 57°37′W Subtidal Cledón et al. (2005)
Adelomelon beckii  Volutidae 38°20′S; 57°37′W Subtidal Arrighetti and Penchaszadeh (2010)
Extended day length Odontocymbiola magellanica Volutidae 42°43′S; 65°01′W Subtidal Bigatti et al. (2008)
Adelomelon ancilla Volutidae 42°48′ S; 64°54′W Subtidal Penchaszadeh et al. (2009)
Extended day length + temperature rising Buccinanops globulosus Nassariidae 40°29′S; 63°01′W
40°45′S; 64°40′W
42°46′S; 65°02′W
Intertidal-low subtidal This study
Extended day length + low temperature Trophon geversianus Muricidae 42°46′S; 64°59′W Intertidal Cumplido et al. (2010)
Buccinanops cochlidium Nassariidae 42°25′S; 64°31′W Subtidal Averbuj et al. (2010)