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Table 1 “Unusual” features found in some species of “Tambja” s.l. Burn, 1962

From: A new species of Tambja (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Nudibranchia) from the Mediterranean Sea: description of the first species of the genus from the Balearic Islands and Malta

  Lateral pouches Vestigial teeth Vaginal gland Prostate surrounds bursa copulatrix Wide vagina
Tambja capensis (Bergh, 1907) No Yes Yes No No
T. limaciformis (Eliot 1908) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
T. divae (Er. Marcus, 1958) Yes No No Yes Yes
T. abdere Farmer, 1978 No No No Yes No
T. amakusana (Baba 1987) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
T. blacki Pola et al. (2006a) No No No Yes Yes
T. mediterranea sp. nov. Yes No No Yes Yes