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Fig. 2

From: Large-scale synchronization of annual recruitment success and stock size in Wadden Sea populations of the mussel Mytilus edulis L.

Fig. 2

Relationships between recruit densities of mussels Mytilus edulis assessed annually in August at Balgzand (B) and mean scores by two judges of mussel seed abundance, separately in the western (W, solid points and full line) and eastern (E, open points and dashed line) half of the Dutch Wadden Sea. Balgzand densities expressed in 10log (n + 1) m−2. Lines show best linear fits for 21 annual data (years 1969–1991, except 1971 and 1972) and show Pearson r values. Spearman r values amounted to 0.77 (p < 0.001) and 0.73 (p < 0.01), for West and East, respectively

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