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Table 1 Correlation matrix (showing Pearson r values) for long-term data series of mussel seed abundance in three areas: West (western half of Dutch Wadden Sea, subtidal), East (eastern half, tidal flats), and Balgzand (westernmost part of Wadden Sea, tidal flats)

From: Large-scale synchronization of annual recruitment success and stock size in Wadden Sea populations of the mussel Mytilus edulis L.

  East Balgzand/August Balgzand/March
West 0.68*** (37) 0.80*** (21) 0.78*** (23)
East   0.71*** (21) 0.73*** (23)
Balgzand/August    0.81*** (40)
  1. For West and East, the averages of scores on a scale of 0.1 to 4 by Van Stralen (2002) and De Vlas (in letter and in Dijkema 1992) were used; for Balgzand, 10log transformed numerical (n + 1) densities (m−2) observed in August or March were used (scaling from ~0.2 to ~3). Pearson r values are shown with numbers of observations between brackets
  2. *** p < 0.001