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Table 6 Comparative table of spicule micrometries, distribution and depth for the species of Trachyteleia

From: Seven new species of sponges (Porifera) from deep-sea coral mounds at Campos Basin (SW Atlantic)

  Ectosomal/small tylostyles Tylostyles Exotyles Distribution/depth (m)
T. hispida sensu de Laubenfels (1949) 90–180/2–4 900–1800/27 2600/20 NE Atlantic/14–388
T. stephensi Topsent, 1928 175–275/4–5 490–560/12 590–735/10–18 N Atlantic, N Mediterranean/1740
sensu Boury-Esnault (2002) 170–275/5 Principal
T. australis sp. nov. 155–504/9–22 271–747/6–22 611–2377/7–29 Campos Basin, Brazil/1100–1630
  1. Values are expressed in µm. Data are from original descriptions, unless stated otherwise