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Table 4 Conidophrys species and their basibionts: isopod (I), amphipod (A), decapod (D), misidacean (M)

From: Epibiontic associations between apostomid ciliates Conidophrys spp. and amphipods associated with fish farms fouling in the western Mediterranean Sea





Conidophrys pilisuctor

Jaera ischiosetosa (I)

South Wales, UK


Ilyarachna bergendali (I), I. hirticeps (I), I. torleivi (I), and Tytthocope megalura (I)

Icelandic waters


Idothea baltica (I)

Øresund (between Denmark and Sweden) and from Isefjord (Northern Sealand, Denmark)


Limnoria lignorum (I)

California, USA


Hyalella azteca (A)

Pátzcuaro Lake (Michoacán Mexico)


Monocorophium acherusicum (A), Hyale perieri

Black Sea

[6, 17]

M. acherusicum (A)

Mediterranean Sea near Set (France)


Gammarus locusta (A), G. oceanicus (A)

Øresund (between Denmark and Sweden) and from Isefjord (Northern Sealand, Denmark)


M. acherusicum (A)

California, USA


M. acherusicum (A), Ericthonius difformis (A), Microdeutopus gryllotalpa (A), Jassa falcata (A), J. dentex (A), Gammarus locusta (A), Dexamine spinosa (A)

Roscoff, France

[11, 12]

Melita petronioi (A)

Pombas Island, inside the Patos Lagoon, Rio Grande do Sulstate (Brazil)


Conidophrys pitelkae

Crangon crangon (D)

Atlantic coast of France


Penaeus setiferus (D)

Tamiahua lagoon (Atlantic coast of Mexico)


Mesopodopsis orientalis (M), Acetes japonicus (D), A. sibogae (D), A. indicus (D), Fenneropenaeus merguiensis (D)

Mangrove areas of Malaysia


Conidophrys fucatum

Gammarus balcanicus (A)

Freshwater areas Ukraine


Conidophrys guttipotor

Sphaeroma serratum (I)



Jaera ischiosetosa (I)

South Wales, UK


Conidophrys enkyostotrophos

Gammarus oceanicus (A)

Barents Sea


G. subtipicus (A)

G. aequicauda (A)

Sivash Gulf of the Sea of Asov


G. olivii (A)


Bay, Black Sea